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Divorce can be a difficult transition – emotionally, financially and legally.  It is important to get advice from an attorney who understands all aspects of divorce.  Our office has over twenty eight years experience in divorce, paternity, child custody and child support modifications.  We will protect your rights, ensuring that you receive everything the law allows.  We can help you prevent common mistakes couples often make in the divorce process.

Many couples come to agreement on the terms of property division and custody.  If you can reach an agreement, we can prepare legal documents to implement your agreement in the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.  If you are unable to agree, the Court will need to decide any issue on which you differ.  It is important to have an experienced family law attorney to advocate your interests at trial.

Call for a free phone consultation on issues including:

  • What does the law require on division of marital property and debt?
  • How are retirement plans divided?
  • Sole versus joint custody
  • Calculation of child support?
  • Can support alimony be ordered?
  • What are visitation schedule options?
  • How is inheritance or gifts treated?
  • Can my spouse claim an interest in a house I owned before the marriage?
  • What if the debt is in both our names?
  • What if all property is listed in only one spouse’s name?
  • How is the cost of health insurance or childcare divided?
  • Can we split tax deductions for children?