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Our office is experienced in helping people become new parents through adoption. We will guide you through the process, including background checks, home studies and termination of parental rights and issuing new birth certificates.

Stepparent adoption:

adoptionIf one parent has failed to provide child support or has failed to have meaningful contact with the child for 12 out of the last 14 months, it may be possible to terminate the parental rights and make the child available for adoption by the stepparent. The other parent may also voluntarily terminate his/her rights, making way for a stepparent adoption.

Third Party Adoption:

We can assist couples who have identified a child whose mother and father are willing to terminate their rights, or where there is a combination of voluntary termination by one parent and an option to involuntary termination of the other, or both parents.

Call for free phone consultation on determining how the process works and an estimated cost.