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Our office can assist you should the need arise for a guardianship of either a minor child or an adult. Guardianships can be either temporary or indefinite.

Minor Children

If you find yourself responsible for the care of the child of another, we can obtain a court order to allow you to act as the parent and guardian with full authority to make decisions for medical care, school enrollment or any other parental decision. Guardianships can be done with or without consent of the parent. To act without the consent of the biological parent requires a showing that the parent is unfit.


guardianshipIf you are responsible for the care of an adult who has diminished mental capacity or serious physical limitations, it may be necessary to obtain a guardianship to have authority to conduct their financial affairs, and provide for their living arrangements and medical care. Once the individual is no longer competent, they do not have the power to enter into contracts or sign legal documents, such as a power of attorney. Guardianship will give you the authority to act on the person’s behalf.

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