Child Support

Father Holding Daughter's HandUPDATE:  COVID-19:  Our office continues to operate under social distancing guidelines:  Call for more information.

Our office can assist you in a variety of child support related matters, including:

  • Establishing a child support order in a paternity case or where the parties are separated with no support order or divorce decree;
  • Prosecuting or defending the collection of child support;
  • Pursuing or defending contempt citations for nonpayment of support;
  • Obtaining a judgment for collection of past due child support or unpaid medical, daycare or extracurricular expenses;
  • Modifying an existing child support order to reflect an increase or decrease in income;
  • Representation in DHS administrative child-support hearings;
  • Wage assignments to collect child support directly from the employer.

Call for a free phone consultation to determine your options and estimated cost of representation.